Tenant Advisory

Homes & Commercial provides a Property Consultancy role for tenants seeking independent advice on their property requirements.

We advise on the following matters ;

Restructuring existing lease agreements, negotiating lease renewals and negotiating terms for new premises.

Market rental reviews, including management of trigger dates for rental reviews ;latest dates to exercise further terms, and lease expiries.

Coordination and implementation of marketing to dispose of surplus accommodation through either Assignment of lease or Sub-Leasing for tenants. Alternatively, we can negotiate terms providing a full release of all commitments via a surrender of lease from the Landlord. For Owner-occupiers we can assist and manage the disposal or Leasing of surplus Premises.

Negotiation of dilapidations i.e. reinstatement, make good and redecoration obligations at lease end.

Implement market search to identify suitable properties and arrange the short list of options benchmarking against the initial brief,.
Negotiation of all commercial terms, which may involve a series of exchanges between various parties to determine a final position on each option, with a view of agreeing final terms - set out in a “Heads of Agreement” - on the preferred site

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